The Flying "M" Aerodrome was initially licensed by the State of Pennsylvania as a Private Use Airport in early 1964 as the Flying M Ranch.   Robert C. Marquardt, founder of the Flying M, had dreamed of having a private airstrip during his years as a young man growing up in Ohio.   Marquardt's first step in the process was to obtain the parcel of land on which the airport is now situated.  Subsequent to the land acquisition he built a house, followed by the construction of a single hangar adjacent to the house.  He later built several hangars for tenants.

Year 1964 -   Airport privately licensed as the Flying M Ranch and assigned the "private airport" identifier of PA88.

Year 1968 - Runway extended from 1500' to 2000' for the purpose of meeting state licensing requirements for a "commercial" airport.

Year 1989 - Airport sold.  Peter Maniscalco purchases the Flying M Ranch.   Name changed to Flying "M" Aerodrome.

Year 1990 - Runway relocated 40' north, creating a full length parallel taxiway, thus eliminating the need to "back taxi" on runway                           prior to departure.   It was at this time that the runway was also lengthened 370' to a total usable length of 2,370'.

Year 1991 - New hangar containing 9 units with bi-fold doors constructed by Flying "M" Services, Inc.

Year 2000 - FAA changes identifier to P91.

Year 2003 - Eastern 800' of runway purchased.  (Land was formerly leased.)